Allmax Nutrition - Glutamine

Flavor:: 400g
Sale price$19.99


PREVENTS MUSCLE BREAKDOWN: Glutamine also helps to diminish catabolism caused by an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, which is elevated during exercise. Glutamine blocks cortisol’s interference with muscle protein synthesis and repair and can minimize muscle breakdown, especially when consumed after working out.
INCREASES MUSCLE GROWTH: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and has been shown to increase the number of HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins). Aside from its well-known ability to help exercise recovery and boost immune function, it also helps to create new muscle tissue by increasing HSPs.
POST-TRAINING RECOVERY: ALLMAX Nutrition fermentation derived Glutamine provides recovery after training and enhances the immune system, which can be compromised during intense exercise. ALLMAX uses a proprietary hyper-particulation process called GLUTASURE technology to minimize the particle size of the glutamine, creating a clean, white and extremely fine powder. This increases Glutamine suspension time in liquid and speeds absorption into the bloodstream.

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