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APS recommends you drink at least 64oz of water daily while taking this product (keeps you hydrated and helps the product work to the best of its ability – hydrating the muscles is the game, so you have to play with all players on the field). APS HydroMax boasts one of the world’s highest ratios of glycerol for the most blood-filled pumps imaginable.* Not only that, but APS’s proprietary blend (2,000mg of HydroMax Glycerol Powder, a whopping 65% Glycerol product) is more absorbable than competitors on the market today. This product will give you the best opportunity for results.

Increased blood flow to muscles is the goal with this product. When you increase blood flow to muscles, you increase vascularity and produce the most massive muscle pumps possible for a workout you can feel and SEE.

This product is intended to be taken at 3 tablets, 1-2 times daily with 8-16oz of water.  Glycerol, when combined with large quantities of water, increases the amounts of fluid, minerals and other muscle building agents deeper into muscle which increases muscle size and fullness, that would otherwise be excreted. As mentioned above, the target for this is around 64oz of water to get the best results.

In our research around the web, users are writing in that they often use a pre-workout during their cycles of HydroMax. We wanted to clear up what this means and what this does. “Stacking”, simply, is the process of taking multiple supplements. Users should be experienced and we caution users stacking supplements that do the same thing or those that have similar ingredients. HydroMax is a non-stim supplement. Many users enjoy the muscle pumps and the vascularity of this product but want a small stim product as well, so they stack the two together to get everything they need. In this way, both products can be successful and even work in tandem to create an intense and gratifying workout. As always, consult your doctor before cycling onto any supplements – especially when stacking. For best results, use with pre-workouts such as MesoMorph or Jack3D which are hardcore focus stimulants.

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