Nutristat - Carb 2O

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Size: 40 servings
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+ Superior Recovery

+ Fast Hydration 

+ Optional Lean Muscle Mass & Performance Solution 


NUTRISTAT offers this clinically hydrolyzed rice oligodextrin that's designed for easy digestion and aids in delivering a highly soluble carbohydrate source. Carb 2O provides favorable osmolarity to ensure no bloating and aids in transport of nutrients to the muscle.

CARB 2O gets away from the run of the mill corn-based carbohydrates and mainstream marketing concept that aim at fancy narrative as the main attraction. It is the solution to breaking through physical barriers with it's rehydration and muscle transport activity. for the athlete and exercise enthusiast who's taking their physique performance seriously and looking to break through the walls of mediocrity, carb 20 is an optimal force 

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