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Crea Script (tm) is the most advanced creatine delivery solution to facilitate INTENSE muscle tissue volume and pump, hydration, and strength/ power inducing cellular ATP. 

  • Taking Crea Script allows the proven science of creatine and its performance and body composition enhancement to achieve a NEW level, previously only tested on elite athletes and muscle performance strength trainers. Crea Script takes the Pure German sourced creatine, Creapure, and allows it to achieve enhanced upkeep into muscle tissue by transporting it cellularly with a scientifically studied carbohydrate that addresses cell hydration without bloating- forcing nutrients and fluid into skeletal muscle......
  •  Hydrolyzed Rice Oligodextrin! This very carefully and specifically sourced carbohydrate has been a primary target in Nutristat's R and D trials, since the company's inception. We haven't been able to find the clean and pure source with specifically advantageous ratios of maltose and glucose, along with the procedure to hydrolyze to our liking, until recently. This source of Rice Oligodextrin, along with Coffeeberry, and another novel implementation to enhance the body's ability to upkeep and store these ingredients into skeletal muscle tissue....
  •  150mg cell transport complex: CoffeeBerry, and  Tannin elevated, rich in penta-O-galloyl-glucopyranose (PGG) complex extracted from Banaba leaf (standardized to 50% tannins). Many mainstream models keep suggesting the magic of Banaba's ability to impact Glut4 response and shuttle glucose into muscle tissue is from Corosolic acid. The studies suggest otherwise. Gallotannins from the Banaba are the REAL "hero" behind the effects of this herb, and Nutristat was able to get 50% Tannins yielded from Banaba. That is high of a Tannin yield is unprecedented in sports nutrition and human performance science, and partnered with the Creapure Creatine from Germany, and our exclusively sourced Rice Oligodextrin, a very pronounced and dramatic result will be seen in how muscle growth and endurance, as well as cellular hydration, impact the athlete's strength and body composition.

Crea Script is suggested ONLY for the serious athlete or trainer who is looking for greater gains and performance in the gym, and who is training at an advanced level to achieve this. Crea Script will become a major asset to your program.

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