Nutristat - Pre-Script

Flavor:: Cherry Lime Slushy
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This is the ONLY Pre Workout to feature Triacetyl Adenosine (*TAA), which we sell under the trade- name, “Bio ATP”- a well documented, novel compound that has allowed actual ATP to convert in the human body. There have been other ATP ingredients introduced to the industry, but none have addressed the brief half-life of the molecule, as it down regulates into Inosine within 10 seconds. With TAA, the famous chemist Patrick Arnold has solved the issue of limited half-life by attaching an ester acetate to the Adenosine, thus federating unapralled musculoskeletal absorption, and muscle force activation.

On top of the TAA, we have full doses here w/ the 6g of citrulline, 3g of Betaine, 3g of Tyrosine, And the TAA is combed with 5 full grams of creatine forfull ATP Pathways. And not just any creatine from China, but the gold standard, Creapure. We’re not cutting corners, and were giving a pathway never before used in a pre workout, by combining (and even using at all) TAA, with Creapure.. then of course the pumps you get from the Citrulline, the Creapure and TAA, along with the No3 Nitrates, Beet Root, and Leucine Nitrate, will render this a full muscle engorging, cell volumizer. This is a true muscle building product, NOT just an energy pre.

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